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Calabrian Non Finito


Calabrian Non-Finito is an audio-visual project by Pramana Cultural Association on the aesthetics of unfinished buildings in the Calabria region.

The project consists of a photographic collection and a documentary short film, produced by the association with the aim of showing the world a characteristic of the architectural landscape of Southern Italy that is hardly known outside, as carefully avoided by the representations that form the imaginary of Southern Italy. 

The project does not intend to negatively promote the territory, but to show without ideologies a reality that is unique in its complexity which today is part of the visual identity of the Calabrian landscape. The intention is to raise questions to those who stand in front of an unfinished building:

– who allowed the proliferation of the unfinished? And why?
– how does this element relate to the landscape?
– can the unfinished be considered an architectural style? Can it be aesthetically interesting, or even pleasant?
– what can be done to enhance it?