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Pramana is a non-profit cultural association based in Calabria, Southern Italy. 
We work with different projects with the idea of offering an open, democratic and accessible cultural program in our territory. 
We want to contribute of revitalising the area through sustainable tourism, educational initiatives, arts events and audio-visual productions. 

We are a group of people with different backgrounds united by the idea of doing something beautiful in our homeland.


an independent Eastern Film Program in Calabria, Southern Italy


Pramana Asian Film Festival is an Asian film festival and independent community event in Calabria, Italy.

The festival selects short and feature films from the Asian continent, with the aim of spreading its cultural richness through the language of cinema.

The idea for this event came from our passion for Eastern cinema and culture, along with the awareness that, in our country, Asia is often the subject of stereotypes, misunderstandings and prejudices that do not do justice to its richness.

The differences between various Asian countries are deep and complex. However, they are too often viewed through the critical Western perspective. We want to offer a film program that can tell the story of Asia from the perspective of those who live it directly, to stimulate interest in exploring the stories and traditions of these countries.

For this reason, we intend to select enjoyable films that bring together quality, creativity and accessibility. We reject the idea of elitist auteur cinema, dedicated only to experts and small groups of enthusiasts, but unable to communicate with the general public.

We want to reach especially those who are not used to this kind of initiative and are not familiar with these cultural contents.

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